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I'm Lexie, a former Therapist turned Astrologer & Spiritual Business Coach. I help ambitious women find their purpose & manifest their dream life based off their birth chart!

I love helping people manifest their dream life without compromising who they are in the process!


I’m Lexie a former Therapist turned Energy + Boundaries Coach & Speaker. I love helping women protect their energy & heal from toxic relationships, MLM's, and emotional abuse according to their astrological birth chart.

Scroll down below to learn a bit more about what I do and the unique approach I take to help my clients heal and protect their energy!

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I help women manifest their dream life by reading their birth chart!

What is a birth chart?

Birth Charts are a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth They tell us what your purpose(s)
(you have more than one!) is and how you attract abundance!

Knowing your birth chart makes it 100% easier to understand why you're here and how you can intentionally attract money, friends, love, and belonging in this lifetime!

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This can help you...

- Find meaning in your life so you can feel clear on why you're here and the value you're meant to add to society AND to your life

- Give you clarity on what steps to take in your business that feel in alignment with your purpose

Help you see what challenges you're here to overcome so you can handle them with ease

- Feel allowed to trust your intuition and know when (and how) it speaks to you...

- Show you how you attract abundance to you so opportunities, clients, and ideas come easily to you

- Show you your strengths so you can intentionally lean into them - helping you to understand who you REALLY are AND making life feel easier for you

Attract more happiness into your life 

"Your path is illuminated by a road map of stars!"


- Ambika Devi

Kelly Espino

"I had the most phenomenal birth chart reading session with Lexie.
And I don’t even use that word but it feels so right.
Lexie really helped me understand myself on a deeper and more profound level. This session was eye opening, expansive, validating, confirming and extremely empowering.
It also guided me towards what to start working on in regards to my healing journey.
Not to mention Lexie provided a VALUE PACKED PDF with important aspects of my birth chart and journal prompt questions that I can refer back to at anytime!!!
I seriously was blown away with how full bodied this service is! Lexie does an excellent job in creating a safe and powerful space.
I felt so incredibly supported, seen, heard, and understood by Lexie.
It's a week later and I am still glowing and vibrating high from this powerful session!
I recommend this session to ANYONE! If you are feeling called to it RUN to it!
You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!!!
Thank you sooo much Lexie!!!"

Elvira Cabreja


"Working with you has helped me get to know myself better, better than I could have imagined. Before my birth chart reading, I was just going with the flow not really knowing how to be intentional with my being. After my reading, I feel I know myself so much better that now I can be intentional with the actions I make and life can truly be easy. (my birth chart has confirmed it).

The most helpful part of our time together was the intuitive advice on how to use the information in my birth chart to help me get to know myself better, create the future that I desire (but fear/doubt that I can't have), be a better human being, and own my greatness!

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