I’m Lexie, an Energy + Boundaries Coach & Speaker. I’m here to help you heal from predatory MLM's & toxic relationships so you can embrace your purpose and increase your impact!


I’m Lexie and I’m here to help you heal from predatory MLM's + toxic relationships so you can fully embrace your purpose and increase your impact!

Let Get's Your Energy Right...


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Free Guide on Boundaries!


Navigating boundaries through the holidays is hard enough - now add in a pandemic and it's a RECIPE for disaster for many Empaths. It can be super difficult trying to protect your energy + your health when your family wants you to spend the holidays with them. But I can help you! Download your free guide and learn phrases you can use, how to clear out your energy, and how to set boundaries this holiday season so you can maintain your sanity through it all!

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Conversations with Lexie Podcast


Tune in Every Monday for coaching and free journal prompts to help you know how to stay cool in tense moments, how to honor your intuition, reprogram your mindset, and stand in your power.



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Goodies For You!


Wish you had more positive songs, movies, and books to read? Here's a list of stuff I love that raise my vibes! (including a Spotify playlist!)


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I provide personal 1:1 coaching to women looking to heal from emotional abuse + toxic relationships. 

Here's how I help....


 Protect Your Energy


Learn how to heal after someone you trusted lied or betrayed you. And learn how to protect your energy by creating boundaries + knowing what toxic relationships + looks like.


 Reprogram Your Mindset


Learn how to identify your negative thoughts and create new beliefs so you can stop self sabotaging,  doubting yourself and start feeling confident in your choices and trusting yourself more. 


Develop Your Intuition


So you can follow your purpose & reconnect back to your intuition. You know you're meant to do something BIG and once you know how to protect your energy + follow your heart - you can finally focus on it. 

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Meet Lexie!


I worked as a therapist for years, but it wasn't until I started my own coaching practice (where I could combine my education + experience + my love of energy work) that I saw the lives of my clients truly transform!


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"Working with Lexie was one of the best experience I’ve had in a long time. She was able to ask the right questions that helped to get down to the root of some of my issues. She opened my eyes to give myself permission to make decisions that may not be the long term solution but move me in the right direction of the path I wish to be on.
After the session I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I have also experience less anxiety in situations that were causing me great distress previously."



Setting boundaries doesn't have to be hard!


Setting boundaries doesn't have to be hard - but I get that most times... it is.

Which is why I created a free guide on setting boundaries.  With this guide, you'll learn how to say "no", a script on how to tell people when they've upset you, and tools to help you handle difficult people in your life. You'll also receive updates on the podcast & special offers that will help you protect your energy!