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Manifestation Teacher & Birth Chart Reader

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Hi 👋🏾, I'm Lexie!

And I love helping intuitive online biz owners find their purpose, make money doing what they love & manifest the life and biz they want with integrity!

I know how challenging it can be to try and manifest your dream business or dream life when you don't know your purpose, you struggle with negative thoughts or you feel confused about the law of attraction.

It can be frustrating watching others attract clients with ease, make $10k months, and have the type of freedom you deeply want...

That's why I love to help my clients find meaning in their circumstances, discover their purpose, and then help them manifest the life and biz they want.

Let's make ✨magic ✨ together! Scroll to work with me! 

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Lexie is an amazing Life Coach. I've had 2 one-on-one sessions with her and she's been instrumental in helping me get pass a really bad relationship and working with me on manifesting my dream career.

I highly recommend Lexie if you are emotionally and/or spiritually "stuck".

Mildred Parker

You helped affirm so many things I needed to hear and helped me gain clarity around areas of my life where I've felt stuck, insecure, or full of doubt. You've also helped me raise my vibration, gain confidence, and identity my fullest, highest, and balanced self! Thank you for the tangible, achievable ways to manifest my dreams and create abundance!

- Marisa Delizo @littlebent_notbroken

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I feel so empowered to actually launch my business now! 

Tiffany Durham @fidelisvirtual

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