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Meet Lexie!

I am crazy enough to truly believe that you + I are here to actually follow our dreams.

I'm a Capricorn Sun + Rising + Leo Moon so maybe that's the reason that I dream big & I relentlessly pursued my dreams & made them happen!

But I truly believe that the dreams I had when I was a little girl; were placed in my heart so they could guide me to work hard, surrender to the process, and manifest my dream life!

Hi, I'm Lexie! 👋🏾

Manifestation Teacher, Speaker & Lover of all things Pop Culture!

This is my Story

I didn't grow up with an "easy" life per se. Of course; I had blessings and privileges - like being homeschooled, going to a private college, having music lessons, and having a heavy extra curricular schedule that included Drama team, Mock Trial, Gymnastics, and playing 3 instruments in 2 different High School Bands. 

But; I also had a lot of challenges to overcome. I struggled with undiagnosed anxiety & depression that led to self harm and multiple suicide attempts. I grew up inside of a cult and regularly experienced emotional & physical abuse as a child & teen. All of my challenges were ignored until I went to college & had a mental breakdown that led to a stay at a mental health facility and required therapy.

This ended up becoming one of the most powerful times in my life because it showed me the power of healing. My journey led to me eventually becoming a therapist myself - helping others to overcome their childhood trauma's and anxieties - however...

working in corporate - I realized how limited I was. I couldn't support my clients in truly finding healing because I couldn't offer them the spiritual and alternative tools that had brought me peace. 

So I decided to leave my job & venture off to become a life coach. 

This decision led me to experience one of my biggest spiritual transformations (my Saturn Return - iykyk) which led to even more clarity & abundance. 

Fast Forward to 2020; like many of us - I had experienced the ups and downs of the world shutting down. It was at that point; that I decided to pivot my business to help women find their purpose & create their own online businesses. 

Within 1 month of officially launching my business; I was able to manifest over $7,000 in sales just by understanding energy and my audience's needs. 

Within 9 months; I made over $30k reading birth charts and coaching my clients to success.

This experienced proved to me; that it is more than possible to successfully manifest a financially viable business by understanding energy, knowing my purpose, and sticking true to my values. 

Once I created a successful business - I decided to pursue my next dream. A cross country move from Florida to California. My entire childhood & adult life - I was told that it was too expensive and I couldn't afford it. 

But I started to receive signs from the Universe that I was meant to move. 

So once my lease ended in May of 2021; I packed up my car and my cat and I made the 4 day drive across the country.

I had no idea what city to live in, no friends or family nearby - I was simply following my intuition (and hoping I wasn't wrong! lol)

After staying in a hotel for 11 days and literally scripting, visualizing, and affirming that my city + home was here - I found my home and moved in!

Now; I make my own hours, teach others how to manifest for a living, sleep in, work at the beach, and follow MY PURPOSE - because I believed in myself. 

I believed ENOUGH in myself and I ignored the haters & negative nancy's that didn't believe in me.

You can follow your dreams, nothing is impossible - but you have to be the first person to believe that before it will come to reality in your life. 

Whatever is on your heart; it's meant for you.

Let me show you how! <3


Fun Things About Lexie!

  • I am an ENFP - total extrovert HOWEVER;
  • I'm also a Capricorn Stellium - so I need a lot of alone time to re-engage
  • Titanic is my all time #1 Favorite Movie
  • Hence; my cat's name is Leonardo DiCatprio lol
  • I'm obsessed with all things Disney & Marvel
  • The Office is my favorite TV show
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey & Jersey Shore are my guilty pleasures (I'm from Staten Island - don't blame me!)
  • I love to sing and am a Alto/Tenor (yep, I got a deep voice lol)
  • My cat of 20 years; Ansel passed away in May of 2021. I grew up with him and he was the longest relationship I've ever had. He's now one of my Spirit Guides; so although I'm sad he's not physically here anymore - he's always with me.
  • I am the oldest (cousin & sibling) in my family.
  • I'm a former Birth Chart Reader - so I regularly rely on Astrology to understand people & how the world works.
  • I love love LOVE to travel!! (My Mercury is in Sagittarius; so that explains it! lol)
  • My Bday is New Years Eve; so there's always a party on my bday! And I always start the new year; with a new year! (Also; I'm very cheesy lol)
  • New York is always home - but California has my heart!

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