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Lexie Wilson

Hi, I'm Lexie! 👋🏾

Manifestation Teacher & Astrologer


This is my Story



One of the first things I struggled with when I worked as a Marriage & Family Therapist was doing work that aligned with my values. 

I felt like the companies I worked for had their own agenda and I wasn't able to choose how I served my clients, who my clients were, or even stay true to my values.

I desperately longed for the ability to work for myself. Only doing work that felt in alignment with my integrity and working with clients that I knew I could effectively help. 

However; I had no clue how to start my own business... so I learned through lots of trial and error.

Over time; I learned that astrology and reading my own birth chart could help me understand my life purpose and the unique way that I attract the things I want to me. 

Learning how to manifest according to my own birth chart; made running my online business easier and faster. 

Within 1 month of officially launching my business; I was able to manifest over $7,000 in sales just by understanding energy and my audience's needs. 

Within 9 months; I made over $30k reading birth charts and coaching my clients to success.

Thus proving to me; that it is more than possible to successfully manifest a financially viable business by understanding energy, knowing my purpose, and sticking true to my values. 

Now; I teach other spiritual business owners how to do the same thing. 

I love helping my clients learn how to create their own businesses that allow them to get paid doing what they love to do for others.

You're here for a purpose; not to just pay bills and die. 

And that purpose can also be something you do for an actual living - if you're open to learning how. 

I'd love to help you! So click below to see how we can work together!

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