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What Your Purpose Is!

By having your birth chart read!! I am so excited to finally announce that I'm officially offering birth chart readings to womxn who want to understand more of who they are, what their purpose is, and how they can find their unique flow to create the abundance and opportunities they want in their life!


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to hear how a birth chart reading helped out these fellow light workers in their personal life & business!


Meet Kelly!

Kelly is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Speaker, and Licensed Social Worker! She was curious about her birth chart and just wanted a general idea of who she was and have more clarity on her purpose so she can continue to shine her light to spiritual seekers. 

Check out her experience with me!


Meet Elvira!

Elvira is an Intuitive Transformational Coach and Psych- K Facilitator she was curious about how her birth chart can help her in creating a natural "flow" in her business. She wanted to focus on finding abundance by serving others and being in alignment.

Check out her experience with me!


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