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freebies Nov 20, 2020

I firmly believe that we have to do everything we can to protect our energy.

Work, planets in retrograde, difficult conversations, our cycles, even the moon - can all affect how we feel.

And when we feel good (or bad) that affects how we think AND behave. 

So, for me, in order to remain in control of my emotions and my thoughts - I tend to practice a few things to stay in control.

Music, movies, and books are some of my favorite ways to help my energy feel positive, hopeful, and upbeat!

When I first started to learn about the Law of Attraction; I realized that a large part of why I was attracting situations that didn't feel good - was because I spent a lot of time consuming media that contributed to my negative, hopeless, and frightful thoughts.

For example; I used to love scary movies. I enjoyed the thrill of them! However; I also noticed that I frequently struggled with nightmares and anxious thoughts. And that often led to anxious situations manifesting for me all the time.

However; when I started to watch movies and listen to music that lifted my moods and made me feel safe - I had an easier time feeling confident and less anxious and miraculously my anxiety levels lowered - and so did my anxious situations.

Now, this doesn't mean that I avoid all "negative" media, etc. It just means that I try to be responsible about noticing where I'm at - emotionally - before I consume certain types of media.

For example; when I was struggling with a break up, I knew that it wasn't the best time for me to watch movies that had certain themes of sadness, abandonment, loneliness, or even toyed with suicidal ideations. That may have tempted me to have thoughts and feel energies that I didn't need to explore. Instead, when I'm in a sad place, I know that it's a good time for me to listen to more hopeful (not necessarily - upbeat) but music with a message of hope. 

I hope that you understand what I'm trying to convey!

So with that being said, I wanted to create a list that includes all of my favorite media (books, music, movies, etc.) that I love to turn to whenever I need a hopeful pick me up!

I'm hoping that you'll find some good things here to help you feel positive and hopeful as well! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!

(This list will be growing as well! So be sure to save this page cause I'll add more as I find more positive things to share!)


You’re here for a purpose and that call that you feel within you to do something significant is there because you are supposed to do something significant.

Do not doubt your vision or your purpose.
And protect your energy at all costs.


(You can follow this list on Spotify! I add to it often!)


  1. The Secret
  2. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
  3. Daring to Lead by Brene Brown


  1. The Secret


  1. Fix My Life with Iyanla Vanzant
  2. Iyanla Vanzant's Youtube Channel
  3. Red Table Talk on Facebook
  4. SoulPancake on Youtube (This was co-created by Rainn Wilson, who is Dwight from The Office!)