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Happy Taurus Full Moon!

Nov 21, 2021


It’s a Full Moon in Taurus, which means the energy that Taurus rules over is being highlighted.

Taurus rules over money, values, and possessions so if you’ve been feeling nervous about money… this may be why.

This is the time to focus on:

💰Reviewing your abundance mindset routines
💰Looking over your budget, what changes do you want/need to make
💰Do any money routines that you like
💰Create a healthy relationship to money. (Remember, it’s not evil or good. It’s simply an object. YOU decide what it means to you!)

I’m working on another post about the eclipse since I’ve seen some posts about that too - so be on the lookout for that!

✨PS Use a Transit chart to see what house this Full Moon is in for you and that will tell you specifically what this moon is highlighting for you! DM if you want me to do it for you & we can book a reading!✨

Have questions about what to do during a Full Moon to help you manifest? Ask below!👇🏾

Sending you LOTS of magic today!