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Rest is Productive!

Nov 21, 2021

I wish I looked the way I do in the first video but in reality; I’m on the couch watching @bacheloretteabc

I’ve never really watched the show - but my Moon cycle has me in full rest mode and there’s nothing more relaxing than some good ole fashion reality TV. Lol

Of course, I love talking about astrology & spiritual growth - and I also love talking about tv shows, movies (my students know that I REGULARLY reference Marvel in my courses haha 😂)

I’m all about BALANCE.

Work + but also make time for rest because you can’t work effectively if you don’t take time to simply ENJOY your life.

So sit all day on the couch & watch TV
Go to the beach & take fun walks
Do something TODAY that makes you feel ✨good!✨

So I’m sending you tons of REST this weekend!

How are YOU spending your weekend? LMK below!👇🏾

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