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Should You Manifest with this Full Moon + Card Readings!✨

Nov 21, 2021


{NOTE: if you want a reading, close your eyes, ask the Universe a question and scroll until you feel called to stop. And that’s your message!}

Today, I wanted to answer the question about if you should manifest with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up because there have been so many conflicting stories on this - just know this…

➡️ YOU are a POWERFUL creator. And no guru, teacher, or spiritual person can tell YOU what you know to be true for YOU in your intuition.

If your intuition says “it is time.” Lol Then it is.

And also know, you’re always manifesting. Soooo… there’s that.

I know it’s a loaded answer - and that’s why I answered the question in a live. Lol

So watch the first 20 minutes for some manifestation advice if it feels right for you!

And then get your reading right after!

Now of course, if you want a personalized card reading - remember to join me NEXT Wednesday at 10am PST so you can get on my list!

And I’m always available for a birth chart reading if you want to dive into your personal astrology & manifesting style! Just hit the link in my bio to book your call!

I can’t wait to see you next week! But for now, catch me in my stories!

Sending you nothing but love & abundance today!

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