I remember when I first found about the law of attraction & astrology. I wanted to learn everything I could so I could manifest the life I wanted. So I consumed as much free information as I could until I felt ready to dive into personal coaching and support.

So I created this library just to support you in your journey towards manifesting the life & business you want!

This is GREAT for you if you:

  • Love all things spirituality!
  • Are expanding your business and want to learn how to do it in a way that feels spiritually delicious!
  • Are learning how to enhance your money mindset practices!
  • Want a space to just get free shit for your personal and spiritual biz needs! lol

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Astrology Classes!

Learn how your astrology can help you intentionally design your life!

Healing & Protecting Your Boundaries

Learn how to honor your truth by protecting your vision and honoring your boundaries!

Develop Your Money Mindset

I wouldn't be a good Capricorn - if I didn't talk about money! Let's learn how to manifest it and how to have a positive relationship with it!

And there's so much more inside!

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Meet Lexie!

Lexie is your personal astrologer & teacher! Originally from Staten Island, New York after many twists and turns she's finally manifested living in her dream state of California - right outside of Los Angeles, CA!

Lexie is a former therapist turned birth chart reader & teacher and she loves to help people find their purpose and intentionally manifest the life they want without compromising who they are in the process!

Feel free to reach out to her via Instagram if you have astrology questions or if you're curious about having your personal birth chart read!!!