Imagine this; you wake up happy, inspired, and feeling fully grateful!

You've manifested the life you wanted! You love your new home, your business is thriving, and your thoughts are positive and optimistic! 

Well, you can create this in your life; let me show you how and let's get started today!  ⤵️

There is nothing more frustrating;
than watching your life pass you by. 

Maybe you thought "by now"; you'd be working at a job that you love to go to

You'd be with the love of your life

You'd be making enough money in your side hustle to go full time

And you'd be living in your dream home and city...


Girl, let's go! I'm ready to change my life!

But instead; you find yourself feeling uninspired, unlucky, filled with unhappy feelings, and wondering

"is this really all there is?"


Is this you?...


➡️ You've heard a lot about manifesting - but don't know how to get started...

➡️ You want to learn how to attract money; but it feels really difficult to do...

➡️ Or you're able to attract money; but only in small doses and you wish you knew how to attract enough for rent, utilities, and more than you need...

➡️ You feel like when you do actually attract things - they are “by accident” and you wish you knew how to intentionally attract things so you could repeat it...

➡️ You feel really unlucky and wish you knew how to "change" your luck...

➡️ You feel like life is really hard and you want to know how to make life feel easier...

➡️ You're jealous of others on IG because you want to know how to find your own flow and have a life that feels happy...

➡️ You've tried affirmations; but they don't seem to work...

➡️ You don't feel like you're part of your friend circle anymore; you've outgrown them - but you don't know how to set boundaries to protect your energy...

➡️ You struggle with negative thoughts & wish you knew how to think "more positively" - it just feels way too hard....

➡️ You’ve been following the “Law of Attraction” but you’re confused on how LOA explains when unfair things happen..

➡️ You love talking & reading about manifesting, astrology, and spiritual healing - but don’t know how to put it all together to design your life & business

➡️ You feel like you don’t know the right “steps” to manifesting and you secretly envy others who seem to know how…

➡️ You have people in your life who discourage you from trusting your intuition and you wish you had a community of friends who also believe they can manifest their wildest dreams too!

➡️ You love to learn; but everything you've read or watched on manifesting - has only confused you. You need simple steps, workbooks, and someone who can make this easy to understand (and do!)

Well if you found yourself screaming out:

"YES! This girl is describing me completely!"

Then this course is for you!


💫 I created this course to help you learn the basics of manifesting & how you can intentionally create the life you want.

For many of us; we are still leaving in the "reaction" part of life.

We are reacting to our childhood trauma's, societal conditioning, or even our parent's expectations - to name a few.

And living in that mindset is keeping you stuck.

You can't manifest the things you want consistently - when you don't know how to take control of your energy, stand in your power, set boundaries, and surrender to the power of the Universe.

You deserve to live the life you keep daydreaming about...

It's going to take you finally standing in your ability to choose and invest in changing your habits.

It's time to release the thoughts, habits, things, and people -holding you back from your success.

👉🏾 Say No More! I'm Ready to Change My Life!

What My Students Are Saying⤵️⤵️

💻What's Inside✨:

 I always love to take a peek into courses before I purchase; so here's what's inside:

Module 1: What is Manifesting?

  • Learn how the 12 Laws of the Universe work together to help you create the the things you want

Module 2: Mindset is Everything

  • Learn how to identify your beliefs, slow down your thoughts, and create new and more empowering beliefs that work for you
  • Learn how to deal with doubt; and how to use those feelings to help you manifest
  • Learn the strategy to changing your negative thoughts to a more optimistic perspective
  • Learn how the subconscious differs from the conscious mind (don't worry; I explain this in a really simple and fun way!)

Module 3: Connecting to Your Intuition (Update Coming Soon!)

  • Learn How to Identify Your Intuitive Gifts
  • Learn How to Hear from the Universe

Module 4 & 5: Creating a Manifesting Lifestyle Part I and II

  • Learn the steps to actually manifesting
  • Learn how to create your own vision board
  • Learn how to use the moon, scripting, and your morning routines to support you in attracting what you want
  • Learn how to clear your energy after being on social media
  • And so much more!

Module 6: Taking Aligned Action

  • Learn how to use your Chakra's to take action
  • Learn what actions to take to bring your manifestations to life
  • Learn how to find the balance between the magic & the strategy 

Module 7: Setting Boundaries to Protect Your Vision

  • Learn how to honor your boundaries & tell people "no" in a way that feels good to you
  • Learn how to tell when someone is not emotionally safe to share with them
  • Learn what to say when your friends or family don't believe in you
  • Learn how to disconnect from energy vampires & other people who are bringing you down
  • Learn the tools to feel confident - trusting yourself, and being alone.

Module 8: The Misconceptions About Manifesting

  • Do you have to be "high vibe" all the time to manifest?
  • What if you don't feel like doing a "ton of steps"?
  • What if it feels "impossible" to manifest big things (like $10k months, etc.)
  • Or what if you struggle with comparing yourself?
  • I'll answer all those questions in this module to help you!

Module 9: How to Manifest Specific Things

  • Learn how to manifest money
  • Love
  • Your dream job
  • New friends
  • and even your dream home in this module!

Plus; there are more bonus goodies inside!

(have a peek! ⤵️)

👉🏾 Ok! Let's do this! ✨

Meet Your Teacher 


Hi! 👋🏾 I'm Lexie! And I'm your personal astrologer & manifestation teacher! I'm originally from Staten Island, New York but after many twists and turns I finally manifested living in my dream state of California - right outside of Los Angeles, CA!

I'm a former family therapist but I became an astrologer, manifestation teacher, speaker, and course creator because I love to help people find their purpose and intentionally manifest the life they want without compromising who they are in the process.

As a spiritual business owner; I have found a way to manifest not only my dream business but my dream life! 

Here are a few awesome things I've manifested:

  • My 2 bedroom/2 bath home within 11 days of moving to my new state & with the exact kitchen and nearby amenities I asked for 4 months earlier
  • My first $10k month in the first 6 months of opening my business
  • I went on to manifest $40k within the first 9 months of my business! (replacing my Social Worker Salary)
  • Free hotel stays while traveling
  • Over $20k in college scholarships
  • Clients who pay in full!
  • Self confidence after healing from abuse as a child
  • Peace after struggling with severe anxiety and self harm for over 25 years
  • A successful business that pays the bills and allows me to get paid serving others in a way that aligns with my purpose

I share this because; you too, can have the successful and happy life you want!

You don't have to settle for anything less than what you want to create for yourself; nor do you have to compromise your integrity in the process. And I'd love to show you how!



Let's not waste another second...

 With the click of a button; you get to start working on creating the life you want today. 

You don't have to wait for someone to change your life or even for things "to get better" first.

The change begins with you. 

And the beautiful part about knowing that is; 
you get to do something about that right now. 

I've created several options to help you stay in alignment with both your intuition & your wallet.

Got questions? Check the F.A.Q; ⤵️ because it may be there.

If not; feel free to DM (click 👈🏽there to open a new window) me over on IG and we can voice note over there!

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  • Lifetime access to 9 Weeks of Training
  • Plus all Future updates! 
  • Over 40 video trainings
  • Worksheets & Journal Prompts
  • Access via my online app so you can learn right on your phone!

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  • Lifetime access to 9 Weeks of Training
  • Plus all Future updates!
  • Over 40 video trainings
  • Worksheets & Journal Prompts
  • Access via my online app so you can learn right on your phone!

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