Ready to CREATE the life you've been wishing for?

I remember wishing I was as successful as my friends on IG...

Back in December of 2020, I remember watching some of my favorite people on IG - living lives that I could only dream of! 

  • One friend moved to Hawaii, a place she had always wanted to live...
  • Another friend shared how she had just had her first $20k launch in her business...

I wanted that.

Not necessarily to live in Hawaii or to have a $20k launch - but I wanted the ability to create the outcomes I wanted. 

I didn't want to keep sitting on the sidelines waiting for life to "work" for me. I wanted to make it work  for me and so on my birthday, (New Years Eve - lucky me!) I made a decision....

"2021, is going to be my most profitable year yet!"

And then it happened...

  • January 2021, I launched my birth chart readings and sold out of all my available spots within 24 hours
  • February 2021, I made $7,000 in 3 weeks! Before that I averaged $500-1500 a MONTH!
  • March 2021, I had to close my calendar, hire an assistant, and create a waitlist to handle the influx of new clients!
  • April 2021, I opened my calendar and sold out my entire month within 30 minutes!
  • May 2021, I had received signs to move to California - a state I had never lived in.... but I trusted my gut and went for it!
  • June 2021, I manifested my new 2 bedroom, 2 bath home at the PERFECT price point for me within 11 days!!!!
  • July 2021, I had my FIRST $10k month EVER!
  • The rest of the summer; I continued to attract more clients and have 5 figure launches and
  • By September 2021;  I realized that I had made $35,000 in under a year!

"Lexie, how did you manifest all this?!"

Girl..., by consistently changing how I viewed myself and changing what I thought was possible for me.

I know how frustrating it is to watch everyone else have the things that you want...

I know how confusing all of these manifestation tips can feel...

That's why I took the time to create something that shows you the steps I took to manifest my home (at the price I needed it to be), hotels, my $10k month, and even my clients!

Inside this LIVE Group Coaching Program, you and I will work together for 12 weeks with + worksheets + over 40 videos on how to create routines that allow you to manifest and attract what you want in your life and business. 

I'm sharing everything that has helped me get from that girl back in December of 2020 who craved success to the girl in September of 2021 - who has it!

 Let's do this together! <3

Is this you?...


➡️ You have a hard time manifesting the things you need…

➡️ You feel like when you do actually attract things - they are “by accident” and you wish you knew how to intentionally attract the outcomes you want…

➡️ You’ve been following the “Law of Attraction” but you’re confused on how LOA explains when unfair things happen..

➡️ You have an online biz (or an idea) but you’re not sure how to manifest money (or clients) to make it profitable

➡️ You love talking & reading about manifesting, astrology, and spiritual healing - but don’t know how to put it all together to design your life & business

➡️ You feel like you don’t know the right “steps” to manifesting and you secretly envy others who seem to know how…

➡️ You have people in your life who discourage you from trusting your intuition and you wish you had a community of friends who also believe they can manifest their wildest dreams too!

➡️ You have a hard time "thinking positive" all the time and you want to know how to transform your thought life so you can attract what you want


This is for you if...


💫 You've been following things like “The Secret” and have even invested in programs to help you find clients, heal your emotional wounds, and develop your spiritual gifts but now you are looking for someone who can help you put all of that together so you can be intentional and consistent in your manifesting practices.
💫 You want consistent financially successful months, you want to manifest confidence and inner peace, and you want to feel in control of your life.
💫 You are tired of feeling like you don’t know how to make your life look the way  you want it to.
💫 You love the Law of Attraction, Astrology, and Manifesting but you don’t know how to put it all together and there’s a lot that you can’t explain or understand because it doesn’t seem to fall in line with the Law of Attraction - so you want someone to help you understand that.

💫 You love to learn and are a self starter but many of the resources you've picked up in the past to teach you these concepts were very confusing - so you are looking for simplicity.

💫 You are also looking for other friends who are into all of this stuff. Your current friends & family don’t seem to care about taking personal responsibility or manifesting. Your friends make excuses a lot and you are tired of feeling discouraged by them.
💫 You want a new community of people to connect with so you can feel “normal” with your friends who are also high performers and manifestors. 



Space is limited to 5 people at a time

This is a rolling container; which means the doors are always open for you to join us. However; in order to ensure I can properly support you - I only allow 5 students at a time in the group.

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