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How To Start Manifesting Your Life 5 Monthly Payments Plan

⚡️I am so so sooo proud of you for choosing to completely invest in your own healing & transformation! I know how huge this step is - and I want to celebrate you! ⚡️

Your Enrollment Includes:

  • Lifetime access to 9 Video Coaching Modules to teach you how to heal your mind, protect your energy, and take aligned action to manifest your dreams
  • Access to All Future Updates to help you keep learning how to manifest and attract the things you want!
  • Over 40 video trainings breaking down the process of manifesting (don't worry; they are all 10 min or less so you can easily fit them into your busy day!)
  • Worksheets & Journal Prompts to help you solidifying your manifesting practices. It's not enough to know the information, you have to also practice it to really see the change and my worksheets will help you do just that!
  • Access via App! Yep! You'll be able to watch all of your video trainings via your PHONE! I know most of us are on phones more than our computers - so this program is also completely modified to be viewed via your phone as well inside of our app!

What People Are Saying:

Working with Lexie was SO healing! It validated things I already felt but was uncertain about, and Lexie helped me tap into my abundance! She gave me really helpful specific suggestions as to how to tap into my abundance daily, and made me feel so safe in expressing my blocks. Since talking with Lexie, I've stepped into my power, and manifested money EVERYWHERE! I am so grateful for her and the safe, soothing atmosphere she created, along with the personalized book all about me and my chart! I revisit it regularly and use it to continue to tap into my intuition in order to honor my highest self! THANK YOU LEXIE!

Hannah B.

I feel like working with you gave me such a deeper understanding and clarity around who I am and what I am here in this life to learn and to offer. This reading helped me shed the idea of having to "be" a certain way and since our reading has helped me to lean into my truest self. It's almost like having permission to be let go of the walls I've built up. I always felt like there was something wrong with me since I felt emotions very deeply, but I learned that's just who I am, I can accept it. There's nothing wrong with me.

Alaina R.

You helped affirm so many things I needed to hear and helped me gain clarity around areas of my life where I've felt stuck, insecure, or full of doubt. You've also helped me raise my vibration, gain confidence, and identity my fullest, highest, and balanced self! You helped me break through the "i don't know" and find the fear as well as the way to move through the it. And the most helpful part of our time together was the tangible, achievable ways [you showed me] to manifest my dreams and create abundance!

Marisa D.