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Ready to Create Your Dream Life? 

Do you wish you + I could work together more closely? And do you wish you could be part of a community of like minded spiritual friends so you could really create the life you want? If you are ready to change your life, job, and business by manifesting - jump inside of my 12 week manifesting mastermind to learn:

  • What is manifesting and how to use energy to create the outcomes you want
  • How to change your life & finally get what you want
  • How to use your intuition and understand the signs from the Universe
  • How to turn your negative thoughts into a positive mindset
  • How to set boundaries so you can protect your energy & go after your big dreams even if others don't support you
  • How to use the Law of Attraction to manifest money, a home, friends, and love

This is a live group coaching mastermind.

You'll receive:

  • 1 private coaching call a month
  • Slack access
  • Bi weekly group coaching calls and
  • Lifetime access to my Manifesting course + future updates!
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Want to uncover your purpose?

You feel meant for more - but are you not quite sure what that is? 
Let's look at your birth chart to find why you're here, what your skills are, and your unique manifesting style according to your Astrological Birth Chart. 

  • We'll work together on your live coaching call to create a plan to help you manifest what you want in your life or business
  • You'll receive a recorded 60 minute Zoom Call that you can listen to whenever you need coaching or a reminder of how you manifest
  • Several worksheets and journal prompts to continue your coaching long after our call
  • A list of ways to increase your abundance mindset
  • A daily planner to help you intentionally manifest each day based off your birth chart!
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Ready to grow your biz?

Ok, so you know your purpose but are you struggling to attract clients?
Start my 3 week course today to help you manifest more clients so you can keep following your purpose.

  • Lifetime access to my 3 week self paced course filled with tons of steps on how to get the attention of your dream clients & turn them from interested viewers to paying customers...
  • Specific Actions You Can Take Based off Your Zodiac Signs to Share Your Business & Make More Money!
  • An EFT Script you can Use Daily To Remove Self Doubt around Sharing & Posting about your Business
  • What Areas of the Birth Chart To Look At to Intentionally Manifest More Clients
  • The Actual Things I Do to consistently Manifest 4 figure months and continue to be profitable in my business!
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Want to learn how to manifest for free?

Learn how to manifest with my free videos, workbooks, and trainings! Inside there are trainings on:

  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • Money mindset workbook & affirmations
  • How I manifested my dream business & how you can create yours too!
  • How to manifest even when you're having a bad day
  • How to handle your Saturn Return (ages 29-31)
Get Inside!

What my students are saying...

“Working with Lexie was SO healing! It validated things I already felt but was uncertain about, and Lexie helped me tap into my abundance! She gave me really helpful specific suggestions as to how to tap into my abundance daily, and made me feel so safe in expressing my blocks. Since talking with Lexie, I've stepped into my power, and manifested money EVERYWHERE! I am so grateful for her and the safe, soothing atmosphere she created, along with the personalized book all about me and my chart! I revisit it regularly and use it to continue to tap into my intuition in order to honor my highest self! THANK YOU LEXIE!"

Hannah B.

“I feel like working with you gave me such a deeper understanding and clarity around who I am and what I am here in this life to learn and to offer.
This reading helped me shed the idea of having to "be" a certain way and since our reading has helped me to lean into my truest self. It's almost like having permission to be let go of the walls I've built up. I always felt like there was something wrong with me since I felt emotions very deeply, but I learned that's just who I am, I can accept it. There's nothing wrong with me."

Alaina R.

"You helped affirm so many things I needed to hear and helped me gain clarity around areas of my life where I've felt stuck, insecure, or full of doubt.
You've also helped me raise my vibration, gain confidence, and identity my fullest, highest, and balanced self!

You helped me break through the "i don't know" and find the fear as well as the way to move through the it. And the most helpful part of our time together was the tangible, achievable ways [you showed me] to manifest my dreams and create abundance!”

Marisa D.

Meet Your Teacher!  

Hi! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ I'm Lexie! And I'm your personal astrologer & manifestation teacher! I'm originally from Staten Island, New York but after many twists and turns I finally manifested living in my dream state of California - right outside of Los Angeles, CA!

I'm a former family therapist but I became a birth chart reader & manifestation teacher because I love to help people find their purpose and intentionally manifest the life they want without compromising who they are in the process.

As a spiritual business owner; I have found a way to manifest not only my dream business but my dream life! 

Here are a few awesome things I've manifested:

  • My 2 bedroom/2 bath home within 11 days of moving to my new state & with the exact kitchen and nearby amenities I asked for 4 months earlier
  • My first $10k month in the first 6 months of opening my business
  • Free hotel stays while traveling
  • Over $20k in college scholarships
  • Clients who pay in full!
  • Self confidence after healing from abuse as a child
  • Peace after struggling with severe anxiety and self harm for over 25 years
  • A successful business that pays the bills and allows me to get paid serving others in a way that aligns with my purpose

I share this because; you too, can have a successful spiritual business and the life you want!

You don't have to settle for anything less than what you want to create for yourself; nor do you have to compromise your integrity in the process. And I'd love to show you how!

Feel free to reach out to me via Instagram if you have astrology questions or if you're curious about having your personal birth chart read!!!

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