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Ok; so you like what you're seeing but you want to know what do I actually OFFER. I get it! Take a look below to see all of my services!

Birth Chart Readings!

This includes a 39+ page book of yourself! It's a VERY depth intuitive analysis of your complete chart. Breaking down the various planets and how they affect you. 

Inside you will learn about your unique abundance blueprint so you can attract opportunities & clients to you, what your communication (aka marketing strategy) should look like, what your potential challenges are in your business and life and so much more! 

You'll also receive a recorded 90 minute intuitive call where we will meet to create routines that will support you in embodying your chart. 


The woman who is struggling to know what her purpose is

- The woman who feels like she's meant to do something "different" but doesn't feel safe to do it

- The woman who feels gifted but doesn't know what in

- The woman who loves astrology and healing herself

- The woman who trusts the Universe has a plan for her life and wants to know what it is

- The woman going through an identity shift - wanting to understand her career and life purpose

- The business owner who wants clarity on how to connect with her soulmate clients

- The business owner who wants to understand her natural strengths and talents so she can intentionally use her skills to attract her ideal clients

- The business owner who is ready to level up into a spiritual business but wants more insight on how to connect to her Highest Self

- The business owner who wants to understand how she can easily attract abundance to her

- The business owner who wants to understand her life struggles, challenges, and limitations and how they are showing up in her business

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VIP 1:1 Coaching

This is a 3 month personal 1:1 container where we focus on:

  • Your Birth Chart
  • Creating routines to support you in releasing trauma and attracting the abundance, clients, and business you want.
  • Monthly predictive astrology reports to help you navigate what areas of your life are being activated so you can work with the flow of the Universe
  • Depending on your goals; we may also discuss overcoming self doubt, creating an intuitive instagram routine so you can network with intention online and attract clients you're excited to work, selling through live videos, finding abundant hashtags on IG, ethical and abundant sales strategy, outsourcing, creating abundant routines, and launching (or relaunching) your spiritual biz
  • I provide card readings, reiki, spiritual release, and talk sessions through our
  • recorded Zoom sessions (once it is safe; I will also have in person options available)
  • You will have access to me via Voxer (a platform where we can send voice notes) in between our sessions so we can process through any limiting beliefs and situations that arise during our time together.

I have both weekly & bi weekly options. 

Meaning; based on your budget and needs we may meet every week or every other week to help you reach your goals! 


- Women who want accountability so they can stay on top of their goals

- Women who want to fast track their success and learn from someone who has already made the mistakes so she doesn't have to

- Women who love astrology & spirituality

- Women who are frustrated with their lack of success and are ready to level up and turn a serious profit in their business

- Women who have been reaching their HUGE financial goals but want to scale even LARGER and help more women

- Women who love combining their manifestation work + business with spirituality and astrology

- Women committed to growth, healing, and consistency

- Women who want a very spiritual business coach & mentor

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The Aligned & Abundant Mastermind (coming soon!)

This is a unique group collaboration coaching that allows you to grow and scale your spiritual online intuitive business with the help of myself AND your community.

Inside; you will have:

  • 3 Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions with me to go over your business goals and your birth chart so I can help support you creating or expanding your business in a way that feels most in alignment with you
  • Bi Weekly "Office Hours" where you can collaborate with and network with like - minded intuitive spiritual business owners to brainstorm ideas, ask for support, and process through any limiting beliefs that slow you down from achieving success in your business
  • Access to my 10 week Module program where you will learn skills such as how to become an intuitive leader, setting boundaries, protecting your energy, using your chart to attract abundance, finding your purpose, creating and expanding your product suite, developing an intuitive marketing plan, designing your brand aesthetics, how to prepare for retrogrades in your business, creating an abundant and intuitive sales strategy, how to handle objections in an abundant way, creating an abundant vs scarcity mindset sales strategy so your customers feel excited not pressured to work with you, resources to help you outsource so you can focus on the parts of your business that you're passionate about and so much more!
  • Worksheets, live and pre recorded trainings that you can access via your phone on my app (yes, an actual app!) AND your computer!


- Women who want to work inside of a community

- Women who love to talk about manifesting and spirituality

- Women who want to create a spiritual business coaching business

- Women who want to up level or create their business based off their birth chart

- Women who are self starters and love to learn




Freebie Library!

This is a FREE library filled with videos, worksheets, and trainings to help you learn how to use astrology in your business and daily life, how to manifest, how to protect your energy through healthy boundaries, and how to grow your money mindset!

It's entirely free since I know we all have to start somewhere! 

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